Dreamweaver CC 2017 (November 2016 release)


Dreamweaver has been remained for web designers who code. It is now more focused, efficient, and faster than ever before - with an all-new code editor, more intuitive user interface with a select able dark theme, and several enhancements including support for new workflows such as CSS per-processors.

Redesigned Code Editor

Several productivity enhancements have been made to the Code Editor in Dreamweaver to enable you to get on with the task of coding quickly and efficiently.

Code hints help new users learn HTML, CSS, and other web standards, and visual aids like auto-indentation, code coloring, and resizable fonts help reduce errors and make your code easier to read.

Code hints

The code hinting functionality in Dreamweaver is enhanced to provide more useful information for the selected code.

In earlier versions of Dreamweaver, when you type a right-angle bracket, you get a drop-down list of relevant code.

In this release, you not only get the relevant code, you also get additional information that helps you to quickly ramp up on HTML, CSS, and other web technologies within Dreamweaver itself.  

Code display enhancements

The overall appearance of the code is now enhanced for better readability. You can see improvements in code formatting, and code coloring.

Code formatting

When you write code, Dreamweaver auto-indents the code to circumvent erroneous manual indentation and improve readability.

Code coloring

Dreamweaver now supports code coloring for additional number of file types.

Code coloring support is now available for HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, XML, LESS, Sass, SCSS, SVG, Bash, C, C#, C++, clojure, CoffeeScript, Dart, Diff, EJS, Embedded Ruby, Groovy, Handlebars, Haskell, Haxe, Java, JSON, Lua, Markdown, Markdown (GitHub), Perl, Properties, Python, RDF Turtle, Ruby, Scala, SQL, Stylus, Text, VB, VBScript, XML, and YAML.

You can change syntax highlighting for different file types directly from the status bar in code view.

Real-time Preview in browser

Quickly preview your code changes in browser in real time without manually refreshing your browser. Dreamweaver now connects with your browser so changes appear in your browser instantly without page reloads.

Quick editing of related code files (Quick Edit)

To make quick changes to your code, place the cursor on specific code snippets and use the context menu, or press Ctrl-E (on Windows) or Cmd-E (on Mac) to access Quick Edit.

Dreamweaver offers context-specific code options and inline tools.

In-context CSS documentation (Quick Docs)

Dreamweaver provides in-context documentation for CSS properties, right within the code view.

Now you don't have to navigate outside Dreamweaver to a web page to learn or refer to CSS properties. To bring up help for CSS, press Ctrl+K (on Windows) or Cmd+K (on Mac).

Multiple cursors to write and edit code

To write multiple lines of code simultaneously, use multi-cursors.

This feature is a huge productivity booster, as you don't have to write the same line of code multiple times.

To invoke multiple cursors, you can:
  • To add cursors to multiple continous lines - Hold down the Alt key, then click drag vertically.
  • To add cursors in multiple discontinuous lines - Press the Ctrl key, and click the different lines where you want to place the cursor.
  • To select text in multiple continuous lines - Press the Alt key and drag diagonally
  • To select text in multiple discontinuous lines - Select some text, then press the Ctrl key (Windows), or Cmd key (Mac), and continue to make further selections.